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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm back!!!

What's up blogworld!!!

Sorry I have been mia! When I tell you life has legs of it's own, I tell you it's the truth! I have been crazy busy, but that doesn't mean I have deterred from my weightloss journey. I can say that I am still in the 290's and going down! I went home for my brother's wedding for a week and my parents put me to work as soon as the plane hit the ground. I was runign errands like a mad woman for the family and the end result was a great wedding! Did I wear the red dress?? Hell yea!! Did I get mad compliments! Hell yea!! I will definitely post some pics from the wedding! And of course of me!

In other news I am 95% sure I will be accepting a job offer at another hospital. I am very excited b/c this will be a new opportunity for me to grow and really sharpen my clinical skills b/c it is at the biggest hospital in atlanta. Did I mention it is also about $12000 pay increase? ::Insert big cheesing smile here:: Unfortunately I won't be able to blog during the day, so blogging will turn into a night cap. But I'll still keep you up to date with everything!

I can't wait to catch up n everyone's blogs. So if I comment on your blog and you're like "Girl that was so yesterday!" Forgive me I'm just a little late, but I'm getting back on it! Miss ya!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding season and weekend wrap up

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday people! How was your weekend?? I won't lie mine was pretty damn awesome! I went home to Houston for my brother's bestfriend's wedding. It was good seeing my family for the weekend and I'll be going back there in a week and a half for my brother Kene's wedding. Hell yea! Well let's talk about the weekend. Who has two thumbs, dreadlocks and worked out both days while in Houston?? Yep you guessed it! Me!! Yep went walking with my sister and then went to a body pump class on Saturday and then walked about 3 miles around my parent's neighboorhood lake. Was able to even lose weight. Now how about that?

Saturday was the 2nd time in life that I ever did a body pump class (1st time maybe 6-7 years ago). I am no stranger with weight training, I work out with my personal trainer twice a week and despite the morbidly obese status I am currently rocking I know my way around free weights pretty well. When I do weights on my own at the gym I kick ass. Haven't quite mastered the chest press with the barbell yet (not b/c I can't do it, but I'm afraid of mishandling the bar and smashing my trachea without a spotter, it really happens), but I'm working on it. So when I went to the class I get my weights and load up the bar, b/c I'm no rookie! "I got this!" I say to myself. I train 30-35 lb dumb bells on my own, I'm pressing 55-65 with the trainer, 25 lb barbells for chest presses and bicep curls ain't got shit on me! Not even 15 minutes into I was like, "What the f***" and couldn't wait for it to be over. I got through about 80-85% ok, but I definitely had to take breaks. So as I was telling my trainer about it yesterday she told me there was a difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance. Hmmm...Body builders = Muscular strength. Basketball players = Muscular Endurance. That's my simple way of breaking it down. While I pride myself on being able to lift heavy, I have a hard time doing various arm exercises with weights for a continuous amount of  time, like a 5 minute song. While other people are keeping form and doing the exercises, I was looking for a moment to not look like a weakling and take a break. I think what kept me going and able to keep up was that the instructor was my younger sister's really good friend, so she kept calling me out (on the mic, I might add) when I looked like I was about to wimpl out. It was a good class, but I don't know if I'm a body pump kind of girl. I definitely recommend it to people who really don't know much about weight lifting esp. free weights.

The wedding was nice. The reception dragged and dragged and dragged before anything really started happening. They served dinner which was wack, so I passed it to my brother, who eats mostly anything. My brother's a lawyer and a natural bodybuilder. He's getting married in almost 2 weeks and I love him like crazy. He is probably why I may have high standards for men, but I'll post on him another time. I knew Saturday I had planned to eat a little off plan, but I wasn't going to waste it on wack wedding food, so after what seemed like an eternity at the reception we went for Mexican. I got fajitas and didn't eat the tortillas or rice. Definitely a big step for me and trying to get better. In the morning I ignored the whispers to stay in bed and went jalking (jog/walking) outside. My parents have moved up like the Jeffersons and live in a very very nice house in a very nice neighborhood. They deserve it, they raised 5 kids in a very very small house, where they lived for 25 years. Anywho the backyard leads right to the man made lake and has a walking path, so I got it in with an hour and half to spare before having to leave for the airport. When I got back to Atlanta I went straight to the grocery store, came home, had some dinner and made my meals for the week. Yep I was definitely on one on Suday and the week has been good so far!

Sorry for the verbal diarrhea post! Anywho 1 wedding down, 3 more to go. I'll leave you with what I looked like at the wedding. Good night peeps!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day!

Hey peeps!! Sorry I've been touch and go, but man I have been busy at work and unfortunately when I'm busy at work I can't blog. :( Yep I procrasticinate at work blogging, but sometimes you need something to get you through the day. :) Last week was not so stellar, I think I ate out almost everyday, b/c I didn't prepare for the week. I get home anytime between 8 and 11p during the work week and that includes going to the gym. Usually I do my grocery shopping on Sundays and cook then as well, but I didn't do it and the week just went down hill from there. So while I didn't make the extreme fat girl mistakes I used to, I'm pretty sure some fried fish made it to my belly a time or two. So of course when I got on the scale, it laughed at me for days, taunting me "I told you, you are always going to be a 300 pound figure by the name ChiChi!"...but guess what??? I didn't succumb! I chopped and screwed my eating and workout plan and now the scale is no longer taunting me. Yep Yep...I'm on one!

The dress that I ordered for my brother's wedding happening in almost 3 weeks came in and I have conflicted feelings about it. My roommate says it's cute and I loves it, but my belly is noticable (with spanx) so I'm not so convinced. The dress is a curve hugging dress and unfortunately, I don't really have hips to hug, so it kind of hugs my belly instead. I honestly do like the dress, I just wish I had hips and less belly. So I have started a Red Dress Challenge (2 days into it) to make my figure a little more appealing in the dress. I will post pics either tomorrow or the beginning of next week so you can see what I'm working with. I'm not expecting to dramatically make changes, but hopefully in the next 3 weeks I can make some changes that will make the dress more flattering in my eyes. If not, I will def be buying another dress.

How have you guys been doing??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pulse Check

OMG I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. I have definitely missed you all. It's crazy the sort of co-dependence you develop with reading blogs. I will say I love catching up and reading all the blogs. Weight loss, introspection, rejuvenation on life, I love it all! As for me I got down to 298.4 on Monday and I haven't seen the number since. When I say that, it doesn't mean it has gone down either. I went grocery shopping on Sunday, but didn't cook any of my meals, so I have eaten out almost all week. Water intake also suffering. On high note I have been to the gym 4 times this week and plan on going tonight and tomorrow. I have learned to make better choices when eating out but I know sodium comes along with eating out. I know where my hiccup is I have to prepare on Sunday, Monday at the latest b/c between working out and going to the second job,  I don't have time to cook any other night.  So tomorrow we're grocery shopping and then I'm cooking up my meals tomorrow night or early Sunday. I have a goal for this month and I plan on making it. How do you guys stay on thrack for the week? Any big Easter plans?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have you ever felt like this...

I def feel like my body needs to work out. I only took yesterday off, but I'm feeling like I need to get my heart rate up. It could be that I'm at work and I want to get off sooo bad, but I def know I need some cardio in my life. Hitting the gym after I leave the second job...I know second job, where they do that at??? lol...Hopefully I'll be able to slow down.

I hope everyone is having a good hump day! You know what would actually make it better? Actually humping! Some good ole fashion dry humping. Or you can just think about it...that's already making me feel better! ;)

Thanks for the feel goods for completing the 5k! Definitely will be doing more in the future! Anybody else have road races in the future? Want to make sure I send {{{racing vibes}}} your way!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it Monday already?!?

Happy Monday people!

I had a great weekend! Got my first 5k of the year under my belt. Official time was 49:02, better than last year's 50:00 time, and I am definitely going to to do better next time. There were a group of us who did it around 8 of us and I think the fastest of us was a 34:40 (my friend in the pic, Amani). It was Amani's first 5k and she is now addicted. We are signing up for the sprint4cancer 5k on April 21 and then we have the 10k May 5th. I personally haven't gotten that runners high yet (maybe b/c I'm not really running), but I hope to get it soon.  

So for people who do not believe that menstrual bloating ain't real let me tell you about my weigh in. So I am a reforming scale junkie. When I am doing right with my eating, I feel the need to weigh in everyday. I guess I want that number to tell me "Yes you only ate 1200 calories yesterday and I am going to reward you with a 2 lb loss." But usually it says, "Bitch you just started eating right, I don't know if you're going to stick with it, you weigh the same as yesterday dumbass." Anywho so I get on the scale on Friday 299.6. I have a small happy dance and then I go on with my day. Keep in mind I'm not on period but I knew the crimson tide was coming soon. So for some reason Saturday morning when I got up, I get on the scale...307. Get the f*** out of here! I have a mild freak out, go over what I had to eat on Friday and check to see if the tide has rolled in. Nope not here yet. I start getting ready for the race and then right before I walk out of the house, I decide to go to the bathroom one more time. Roll tide period is here. Thank heavens I went to the bathroom before I left my house or this post would have been titled the '5k Disaster.' Fortunately the scale went down the next day, but still not to 299.6, but 301.4. Goal is to be under 300 next weigh in.

After the 5k went to brunch had a crab benedict I think and went home, nursed my cramps and passed out. Went to a birthday dinner where I wore a dress that I bought in January and I must say I looked different wearing it this time around. Sunday started off lazy and then I made it to the gym for cardio and core work, then a little light shopping. Watched a martial arts movie with a friend and it was a wrap. Overall a good weekend. How was yours???

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Salad dressing...The love/hate relationship

Happy Hump day peeps!!

Is it me or is the week moving fast?? It could be me. This will be the first weekend in 3 weeks that I have off and I can't wait! I have a 5k Saturday morning and then afterwards we are going to brunch. After that get my mani/pedi and then a birthday dinner. Honestly I might skip out on the dinner though...

Salad dressing, love it...hate it. I am one of those people who could eat a salad everyday whether it be a side or my whole meal b/c I make a kitchen sink salad. My salads have every veggie I have in my fridge...carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red onions, mushrooms sometimes cucumbers, recently cut out the cheese and topped with slivered almonds or sunflower seeds. Well what tops my salad?? Glorious Blue Cheese. Forget ranch, thousand island, french, catalina, vinaigrette, pass me the damn blue cheese.  Until recently I liked salad with my blue cheese. My coworkers used to refer to my salads as a blue cheese bowl. It took me a while to realize the dressing was negating my healthy salads. I have been working on using the actual portion size, but when I make my big salads portion size doesn't work. Not enough salad dressing. What do you do about that? So in counting my calories, I have paying attention to calories in a serving size of salad dressing. Depending on which brand I use that day a serving size of blue cheese dressing can run from 100-160 calories.  Since I started counting calories it almost seems crazy to spend 160 calories on basically a condiment. I've tried vinaigrettes and I haven't been able to find one that I like. I even forced myself to eat vinaigrette dressing on my salad for a week but all it made me do was me not look forward to the meal where I had salad. So I need help...What salad dressing do you all use? I need to find something soon, so I don't bleed blue cheese dressing!

Happy Hump day!