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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I need help...

Hello peeps of the blog world! My story begins like everyone else's, I read a million and one blogs and decided I should start my own. Just reading how sharing the journey of weight loss, the goods and bads, has kept people on track, I figure maybe it can help me.

I guess I should start by saying a little about my weight history. I have never been a small girl, always the biggest and the tallest in my class when compared to my female classmates. I can't say I was ever really teased about it though. Maybe a little here and there, but not enough for me to have had a scarred childhood. Now there were instances that do stand out now that I think about it, but of course I don't want to divulge everything in the first post, gotta have some material for later! :) I remember weighing 205 lbs in the 7th grade (man I can wish I could weigh that now) and then I remember weighing 305 lbs at 21 years old. 100 lbs in 9 years...damn I wish I new then what I know now. I have pretty much lived in threedom all my adult life, except for 2004-05 when I did the Atkins diet and I got to twoterville and peeked at 257 lbs. Then of course I tripped on one step, threw myself down the rest of them and threedom welcomed me back. So here I am, kicking and screaming to get out of threedom. The heaviest I have ever seen on a scale was 350 lbs and I'm pretty sure that was in 2007-2008. When I started at the hospital I am at now (7/09) I was 341. I have had some minor success with weightloss since then and started this current weight loss journey at 323 lb on 1/03/2011. As of this morning, I'm 303 lbs. Not bad if I don't say so myself, but I could have done better, if it weren't for the existance of the binge girl inside of me (we'll talk about her later) that rears her ugly head ever so often.

So as I sit here, trying to keep my mind off of going to Burger King and getting a slice of pie or getting a burger, I hope that this blog helps to keep me on track. I won't lie, I do believe that this is my time and I know this journey is the real deal. I am fortunate this time around to have a great support circle and hope I can gain more blogging! Ok that's all for tonight folks! Now off to find some interesting things to pretty up my blog and stalk blogs!