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Thursday, August 11, 2011


What's up peeps!!

It is almost Friday, woo hoo!! Honestly sometimes I don't know why I get that excited, b/c lately I've been working Saturdays, but the weekend is almost here none the less...

This week, I have been good. I have clocked in a good 3 days at the gym and today will be my rest day, but who knows I might go in for 30 minutes. I have been on point with eating, the only slip up I had was the homemade strawberry cake I had at work yesterday during the lunch meeting.  Literally, most of the meeting I was battling in my head whether or not I was going to get a piece. I did end up getting a piece and I didn't feel bad about it either. It tasted damn good. The girl who made it is notorious for making awesome desserts and this was one of them. Anywho, I made sure I took my ass to the gym and ate a salad for dinner!

I'm going to the Dominican Republic in T-8 days and I can't wait!! the only thinkg I'm worried about it is weight gain. I'm on a roll with my routine and in a few days, I'll be at an all inclusive resort. Food and liquor at my disposal. Damn...I am bringing my workout clothes and a min I plan to workout 3 days. I can't let a few days derail what I'm doing. I am so tired of this yo yo game with my weight. So I'm going to work hard leading up to the trip and during the trip. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it!

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  1. Vacation is vacation, enjoy it! Eat, drink and be merry ...just don't over do it and stay active. You'll be fine, better than fine!