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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another I'm back post...

So yea, I've been M.I.A. for a little over a month now from the blog world (even though I stalk my faves). I don't know why but when I fall off the bandwagon, I have a hard time being transparent here The primary point of this blog, is to keep me motivated and show accountability in my weight loss/healthy lifestyle efforts.  It's hard to come here and talk about how I've gone out to eat every day for almost 2 weeks, I've been drinking like a fish and that maybe I've worked out 6 times in the last month and half. It's hard to face it, it's hard to talk about it. Now don't get me wrong, I would have some good days in there, but overall the last month was an epic fail. And honestly I can't even tell you how I slipped so hard. I can make a dozen excuses why, but that's all they are, excuses. I work 5 sometimes 6 days a week, that's nothing new, I still belong to the same gym, I still have a car and the grocery store is in the same place. So there aren't any real built in excuses, just old, detrimental habits creeping in. Procrastination, drinking and not planning. In the month and a half I have been away, I've gained 3 lbs, 296 to 299. That's about the only good thing that's happened since I've been away for over a month. Honestly I thought it would be more but I'm greatful it wasn't. So I'm slowly but surely back. I'm not motivated everday, but I think the dedication is in place (for the most part anyway). I've been trying to build the good habits back up and cut the bad ones out. One day at a time.

Anywho, now that I've filled you in my non-weight loss efforts, I will fill you in with everything else. :) I went to the Dominican Republic. Had an awesome time with girlfriends. It was towards the middle/end of August and when the hurricane was forming and went up the east coast. Fortunately we only got one day of really bad rain, all other days were pretty good. Fun in the sun! Loved it. And the funny thing, I actually lost weight there. Didn't last long.

Then another thing was introduced in my life for the first time ever...Fantasy Football! This is my first year doing it and I'm in 3 different leagues. 2 money leagues and a regular fun league. I honestly am obsessed with it. Now if I could only be that way about weight loss! I love it. I look at my team, I look at other teams in my league and look to see if there are trades to be made. I read team reports. Hell I watch football differently now. I watch it with fantasy football eyes. I'm always looking to see if there is a sleeper waiting for me to pick up. Maybe it's b/c money's involved that I am so active in it or that it is new to me, but I am enjoying it.

So that's all I have today. I do plan to blog more frequently again. Sometimes getting started again is the hard back. T.G.I.A.F!!!

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