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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today was a good day...

Today was administrative professionals day, so it gave my department yet another reason to have a potluck. The last one was on Friday. Usually the potlucks are themed and this one was a salad theme and not the healthy kind. Any and all creamy type salads were there: egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, etc. and of course I didn't pack my lunch. The temptation was there to go up to the office and fill a plate with all the different salads, but instead I went to the cafeteria and got a vegetable platter consisting of broccoli, squash and mashed potatoes with a wheat roll. I know I could have done without the roll but hey, I'm still working out my carb addiction. I ate my lunch downstairs and when I finished I went upstairs to join in and thankfully they were done. Even if I wanted to try a little, they were already cleaning it up. Then I saw someone walk away with pieces of strawberry shortcake, one of my faves. I was a broken woman, I knew as soon as I saw the dessert I was getting a piece, but low and behold the greedy heffas I work with ate the whole pan! I guess it was a blessing in disguise, but damn it looked good! Anywho, I regained my composure and for my snack later on in the day I had cucumber slices.

Today was my Zumba/Yoga day which keeps me in the gym for a min of 2 hours. Sometimes 2.5. Well when I got home, I decided to take a 40 minute nap that would get me up in time to make my classes. So did not happen that way. I missed Zumba, but I got to the gym in time to do an 8 min inclined walk on the treadmill and then go to Yoga. Yoga was a beast!!! The yoga class I go to is more like a yoga/pilates fusion and I think very doable. The instructor is great and the way the class is set up all movements are done to music and you have the same routine for about 6 weeks, which is great for me, and then they change. Well I haven't been in 2 weeks and the routine has changed, very challenging! I made it through but barely! My flexibility and balance are so not the business, but hey that's why I go to the class. After class I worked on upper body for 30 minutes and then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical! Not bad for someone who snoozed through Zumba! :)

Today I was looking at pics that I took at Easter and I can't help looking at this one pic.

My face looks so small! Now granted the body part looks a little distorted b/c the shirt is big and my friend was standing really close to me on his toes to be taller than me, but damn my face is unreal. It almost doesn't look like me. The pic is very motivating at the least that I am somewhat on the right track even if I stray (which I am so going to cut down).

I still haven't been to the gym in the morning yet, but I know Thursday morning is the day for it to happen! I am still working on making my plan to get it right, get it tight for the Dominican Republic trip and beyond, but it will be coming soon. Sorry for the novel! Goodnight!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your comments. I do add about a tabelspoon of raw oats as well as flaxseed. I had it for breakfast and it was YUMMY! I am going to keep an eye out for light coconut milk and try that.

    Have a great day!