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Friday, April 29, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Today me and some of my girl's are going to Charleston, SC to celebrate a 30th birthday. I won't lie this is a lot different than how I celebrated my 30th (Jamaica:)), but to each his own. I have never been one to appreceiate nature, history, etc. much and Charleston, that's what it's known for. It's supposed to be a historic city known for it's charm, beauty, shopping and you guessed it food! Damn, why does it have to be known for food?? My friend's are hyped up on the different restaurants we are going to try, while I'm trying to figure out how to put this weekend in the 'win' column as far as eating is concerned. My goal is to just make better choices. I don't need to make a waffle at the hotel, even though I love to do so, I don't need to have every piece of meat to be fried or add the most caloric starch I can find as my side. The goal is just to make better choices..

I did start the day off good. :) I went to the gym this morning, yay!! The first time this week that I was able to actually get up and go. I think it was extra motivation that I didn't go yesterday and ate a little on the bad side to add insult to injury. I slept in my workout clothes and when I woke up, I turned the tv on and low and behold the Royal Wedding procession was going on. I made it my goal to be at the gym and getting on machine in time to watch Catherine walk down the aisle. I got on the stairmaster when she was en route to the church. :) I was able to watch the actual ceremony (Catherine's dress was beautiful) and do 20 minutes on the dreaded stairmaster. I loved it when you saw Prince William tell Catherine she looked beautiful. Prince William's voice was like velvet. Man I need to catch an English man! Anywho after 20 minutes on the stairmaster I did lower body exercises for 30 minutes and finished with a 15 minute mile on the dreadmill. That made me happy b/c I was able to do a mile in 14:58! Woo hoo!

I packed some workout clothes, in the event that I am able to break away from my girls. **crossing fingers** On another note there are some big things going on in my family this weekend, so if you are reading this, send a prayer out that everything works as it's supposed to. Here's to a WINNING weekend!!!

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  1. Great job, I love that you packed your clothes, so if you have any "down time" you can hit the gym. I am sure that you are going to have a great time!