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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Hump Day!

So hear I am at work doing my post for today b/c I have been too tired lazy to do it at home and I have a break right now, so why not? So where do I begin? The Charleston trip. It was not a complete fail, by any means, but I didn't win either. If I were in a race with 10 people I would say the way I ate would put me in 5th place. I stayed away from making my own waffles in the morning, even though I wanted to so bad and I even worked out one day. I went wrong with the 2 times I decided to have dessert. I won't lie, they were probably the best desserts I ever tasted. I had a slice of pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream after my meal of shrimp and grits and I had chocolate cake/brownie with ice cream after a chicken salad sandwich. I don't regret them, but maybe I should have had dessert on just once, esp since it was all in the same day, ouch!

It's Wednesday and I have already gotten in 3 workouts and I plan on going to the gym tonight, so that will make it 2 today! I joined a new gym called X3 Sports and OMG it is kick ass. I did a class and joined and then I went this morning. This is kickboxing on steroids. You wear gloves and have your own bag, and is taught by actual MMA fighters. This morning's class was totally tough but I made it through. My goal is to go to that gym 3x/week in the morning before work and once on the weekend and continue my regular workout routine in the morning. I think that will really amp up my weight loss.

I am starting a challenge today where I write down everything I eat for 7 days. Hopeully this will help me cut down on my mindless eating. I have been working out pretty consistently for about 4 months now and am yo-yoing with my weight and I know it's b/c of my diet. It just sucks that I eat nothing like I used to and workout, but a day or two of cheating will mess things up. So b/c I really really want this weight off, I have to get my eating together. Wish me luck!!

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