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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm going home!!!

I have finally finished packing for my trip back to Houston! I so can't wait! I'm happy I was able to fit everything into carry ons. Maybe my purse can classify as luggage, but as long as I can get it past security checkpoint, I don't mind the luggage being stowed under the plane when I get there! lol

Today I did kickboxing at X3 and it was with an instructor I never had before. He was awesome! He kicked our asses and still came to help when needed with a smile on his face. I most definitely worked it out today and plan on being at his other classes! For dinner I had a tuna sandwich and salad. I almost went got 2 slices of vegetarian pizza slices from a spot down the street, but I decided against it. Also at work we had a catered lunch for hospital week and I opted for the salad and said no to the ice cream. I said 'no' two times when it came to bad food choices. I'm proud of myself now that I think about it. :)

I am a little scared about going home. I still don't have this eating thing down packed and I'm afraid when I get there, I will act a fool. My goal is to really win this weekend and not take 2 steps backwards. I just hate having to lose weight I gained over the weekend. A bad weekend can negate my whole week of doing good. I spoke with my friend about it and she said she has no intentions of derailing her or myself this weekend (She is also on the weight loss mission, but waaaay closer to her goal). So I have packed workout clothes and plan on making the best choices possible when going out to eat, b/c I know that will happen on more than one occasion.

So here is to a good weekend, where I will maintain or lose weight!

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