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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well there are few things that I like...

I am here on a Saturday night with an itch to go out, but the laziness to keep me in the house. I know I'm going to get out and do a few things next weekend so I'm not so pressed about it. I do wish there was a movie that I was interesting in renting and watching at home, but I guess I'm not in the mood.

This week I did get in 4 good days of working out and ate pretty good this week. The scale is still under 300, but I won't really start tracking it until Monday. I have 3 months until DR and I have to get it right!!

So this has been a good week on the compliment front. I got 2 comments at work today about my slimming down and it does feel good when other people notice your hard work. When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today, I was able to see some positive changes in body. My legs are getting smaller and so are my sides and I think my humps are shaping up. Now the last comment can be wishful thinking, but I'm pretty sure it's trying to do something. So on one hand while I see the positive things, I also see the not to positive things...Cottage cheese thighs, the fact I have no definition in my knees, my huge ass arms, and the stretch mark road map on my stomach, to name a few. While I was thinking about these things, I was reminded about an article that I read. It said people should identify the things they do like about their body and think about that. So now I am going to tell you what I like about myself:

1. My feet...Yes they are flat as a board, but I think I have pretty toes, which stay manicured, so I think it overshadows the fact that I have no arch.

2. My breastesses! LOL Yes they have a little hang time going, but they are still full and look pretty damn good if I don't say so myself!

Me between 320 and 325 lbs.

3. My smile! I have always been complimented on my smile and if you look hard enough I have dimples. It's a crooked smile, but I think it photographs well :)

4. My overall body! I feel that I have been lucky that I didn't have the worst shape in the world. Yes there is no reason that a woman of 5'8 should peak at a weigth of 350 lbs, but I am fortunate that my weight went everywhere and not concentrated in one area. I've always thought I had a decent shape with a lot of layers. :)

Me at 323 lbs.

So I guess I have a few things that I do like about my body and I just have to keep striving to finding more!

I think the 'Operation DR' plan will be up tomorrow night and become functional on Monday!

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