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Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaky Friday!

Hey Blogville! I know most of you are going to be enjoying the 3 day weekend and I am jealous!!! I work tomorrow and Monday, so there goes my weekend. Fortunately I get a different pay rate on weekends and it's time and a half on holidays, so at least I'm getting paid!! :)

This day started off on the wrong foot. Honestly this whole week hasn't been the best. I'm drained spiritually, mentally and physically. My old friend doubt has been creeping up behind me and whispering "This is too much," "You can't lose all this weight," "Just eat it, it doesn't matter." It's just a whisper, I know I can quiet it, I guess I'm just tired...So this morning started off with me jumping on the scale, for whatever reason, and being 302 lbs. GASP! Not surprising, I had another late night and found myself eating a sandwich at 1 am at Waffle House. Not a good look. I think I'm realizing that late nights are my downfall when I don't have snacks readily available. So this weekend I will search for car friendly snacks. Suggestions appreciated. :) After that blow, I open the door to let the dog out there is a huge cockroach just laying there. As soon as the door opens, it starts running towards the door. I'm kicking at damn thing and it keeps running back towards the door. I try to close the door fast and I slam it on 2 fingers! OUCH!!! I did manage to kill the damn thing, but with 2 bloody swollen fingers as casualties. Work was work. Nothing eventful there.

I'm not going to make this a woe is me post, so I will end on a high note. :) Despite my feelings and funky morning I did eat right and worked out. So that makes 5 days this week! :) I am also treating myself to Transformers IMAX. I'm packing my water and Kashi bar and I'm ready. Woo hoo! Can't get too wild, I have to work in the morning! ;)

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