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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, July 15, 2011

The wheels are turning...

I'm getting back in my routine of working out and making the right choices with my meals. And it feels good. I don't feel so bloated and I'm pretty sure there might be a good number on scale for Monday's weigh in. i've worked out every day since Sunday and they haven't been the easiest workouts. I'm still going to work out tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I'm hitting up two places a cookout and a house party. I don't think I'll do too bad with the food as long as I stay away from the desserts, it's the damn drinks! I can get. it. in. when I'm drinking. I can do without the sweet fruity drinks, but if there is some Crown Royal or Hennesy, it's a wrap, lol. My saving grace is that I am the driver to both places and my homegirl doesn't know how to drive my car (stick shift), so I can't get slizzard. I just don't need to take in all those empty calories. My sister says it's better to eat your calories, than drink them. That is the truth!

Happy Friday peeps!!! Remember no hospitals, no jails!!! :)

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  1. When you are the designated driver it is the best because it saves you from drinking, not only does alcohol add calories but when you drink you don't realise how much you eat! Have a fun weekend!