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Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the good foot

I have started the week off pretty good, I can honestly say. I won't say things have been perfect, but I'm on track. This week I've been to the gym 3 days, woo hoo, and 2 of those days were in the morning, double kudos! I made my reappearance at X3 and that felt good. I had been avoiding that place like the plague. I guess it's b/c that place is pretty hardcore and I didn't know if I was ready for the workout, but after a long conversation with myself, I went. I'll most likely go tomorrow and Saturday. So going to the gym...check!

I've had some interesting conversations this week. One conversation was with my patients wife. My patient, who was 450 lbs, was admitted for a TIA (mini stroke) and while I was talking with him and his wife, he started giving tips on how to lose weight. So keep in mind I'm looking at this 450 lb and thinking, "Really, really?" Well his wife chimes in and she is a full figured lady and she states how she has lost 110 lbs over the last 3 yrs and now I'm thinking "Wow that's awesome!" So she's telling me how she had to love herself the way she was before she could even begin to do right on changing her eating. She still has a goal of 50 more lbs and after talking with her I know she'll get there. Speaking with her was very inspirational. Hearing this 50+ year old woman speak of her weight loss and then also know that she takes care of her 450 lb husband with scoliosis, is very commendable. And the way they interacted with each other, you could see the love. So my 31 yr old ass who only has to take care of a cat should be able to do that too!

Now the second conversation was with my brother. My brother is a lawyer and a natural body builder, so health and fitness are very big to him. Well my brother has always been in my corner when it comes to weight loss and has been my cheerleader and still is but the conversation was different last night. He asked me about how my working out was and I told him that I had just gotten back on the wagon with eating and working out. Well he starts going in on me a little, saying things like " I'm going to be on you this year and this is going to be your year of change." Now usually when we have these little conversations, my brother is pretty upbeat and like I said a cheerleader, but last night when he said it, I felt like I was being scolded. Like my weight was a burden for him. Now I know he has been working a lot of overtime to pay for his wedding, so he really sounds tired and I know I may be a little sensitive, but after the conversation I felt some kind of way. I felt like I should try to defend myself or explain why I had gained my weight back and I don't like feeling that way. I know my brother means well, but I guess I wasn't ready for that conversation or the delivery of it rather.

Like I said interesting conversations. Anywho, it's Thursday, I'm going to the gym tonight and I'm going to keep going. This is my year for big changes and I just have to stay on the good foot!

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  1. I think your brother said it out of love, the delivery may not have been what you wanted to hear or how you wanted it to be relayed.... Think if he said, 'Sis, 2012 is YOUR year! 2012 belongs to you and I can't wait to see all of your happiness and success!'. That changes things, doesn't it? It's not what you 'wanted' to hear, but maybe it's what you needed.

    I hope 2012 is your year- shine on, be happy, lose weight, love yourself.... You're.Worth.It.