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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trigger not so happy weekends

So this weekend was a fail. I'm not going to dwell on it too much b/c it seems like after every weekend I start the week with a post like this. I have the intentions to do so good over the weekend eating wise, but then I get something fried and then it's a wrap. So I think I'm finally learning from my weekend fails and I think I have figured out a way to combat them. So I figured that pretty much during the week I stay on point, even if I do off my plan, I get back on it the next day. I have a hard time recovering on weekends. If I eat a 'cheat' meal on Friday night or Saturday night, I don't have that work schedule to go back to, so then ultimitately for me a 'cheat' meal turns into a 'cheat' weekend. Here is my first change. 1. No more cheat meals on the weekend. If I am going to eat off plan it's going to have to be during the week, b/c I recover better. I have to change my mindset so I don't think weekends are a free for all with food. Second change 2. No more referring to the off plan meals as cheat meals. I think in referring to the meals I eat off plan as cheat meals, I am making them seem off limits so it makes it more enticing and more likely I will over indulge, which is what happens. Now here comes the hardest change...3. No more fried Mexican food.  It may sound easy, but I love Mexican food. I mean literally love Mexican food especially chimichangas. In finally listening to my body and learning from actions, I think Mexican is a trigger for me that hurls me into gluttonous binge. Every weekend that I have eaten off plan, Mexican food was involved. So until I can get a better hold onto it, I have to let it go. *sigh*

It's all good, I'm going to push through my weekends and I'm going to get results. Last week I worked out 4 days. This week I'm going for 5 days! I've already worked out this morning! Woo hoo!!

So how was everyone else's weekends??


  1. Same here on the Mexican food. No joke, it's my trigger. I dream of chips and salsa. It's so hard!

  2. You and me are in the same boat when it come to those weekends. :)

  3. I always take a day on the weekend either fri or Sat and have what I want. mexican, a burger, DRANKS.....but if you focus during the other 6 days I PROMISE you'll be fine.
    I don’t consider it cheating...its just my life...however that fries mess..yeah I'm with you on that. better for you all over skin everything.
    You can do it. Make one better choice at a time.
    *thanks for your kind words :-)