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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The post that never ends..

What's up blogword! Can I say that I have a lot of things going on now and in the near future that I must say that I am very excited about! So first things first, I am in my first official blog challenge. I am really excited about it. I have always wanted to participate in blog challenges but for some reason I always catch on late. Hell I even caught on late with this one, but Allan was nice enough to let me jump in. If you haven't checked out his blog, it is a must. He definitely keeps it 100% real! Very authentic and does not bite his tongue, which I love! He started out at ~500 lbs and has lost 250 lbs, talking the talk and walking the walk. His challenge in a nutshell is to eat at your goal weight.  My goal weight is to be at 180 lbs, so I have to eat the calories of what a female at 180 lbs would take in, which is 1900 calories, while drinking 160 ounces of water to maintain hydration. Yep I'm going to be peeing all day, but fortunately I do have a job where if I need to go I can go. There is a sweet prize for whoever wins the challenge which includes a trip for 2 to NYC. Sign me up please! I am going to win that mother and you guys are going to hear all about it.

I also have a Jamaica beach body challenge starting with my girlfriends that I am going to Jamaica with in July. That challenge starts March 5th and is a 12 week challenge where everyone initially puts $20 in. Every week we email our weight and for every pound you gain, you put in a dollar. If you don't gain you don't put in anything. We get 3 times to not record a weight. At the end of the 12 weeks whoever has lost the most weight gets the pot. I don't plan on putting anymore than the initial $20 and I plan on winning the pot.

So I'm trying to go 2/2 with my challenges. My competitive spirit is renewed and I am determined to make some serious headway with my weight loss goals. 

So non weight related, well not directly anyway, I have a lot of trips planned for this year. My brother is getting married next month and so is his bestfriend. That means I will be traveling to Houston twice in April. Bestfriend Pete's wedding I'll wear something nice, but for brother's wedding, I bought a really nice dress online, that I'm waiting for to come in. I am nervous b/c 1. I have never bought from them 2. The reviews said the dress does hug, which I'm ok with but I don't need it to hug the belly curve. So I am hoping with the challenges in place I'll be ready for the dress.

I am going to Jamaica not once but twice this year. As I mentioned before going with my girlfriends in July and then I'm going in October for my sister's wedding, where I will be the maid of honor! Woo hoo. A month before the wedding I plan on doing her bachelorette party/bridal shower weekend in Chicago and of coure I'll be going to to NYC for winning the challenge. ;)

So a lot of goings on peeps. I am excited and nervous and you all will mos def be along for the ride.

At 11:20 am I have had 64 oz of water and been to the bathroom 3 times. Hot dayum!


  1. I love the money pot challenges, especially when you add a dollar for every pound gained. Inevitably, there is someone who doesn't stick to the contest and the prize goes up! Jamaica sounds awesome, can't wait to see pics.

    1. I hope to lose 30-50 pounds by next year for my wedding....I just started back with my slimfast diet this week. I lost 50 pounds on it before and when I reached my goal weight acted a DAMN fool ate whatever I wanted and gained a hundred back...thank God my body proportions make me look much slimmer than what the scale shows but I really need to lose one hundred pounds to be my goal weight but since that's a huge number I'll take 30-50 for starters. Good luck on your challenges!

    2. April - I can't wait for Jamaica especially when the weather is good like it is now here in Atlanta, makes me want to be on a beach!

      Ms. Styles - I see you working on the bridal body! You definitely don't look like you need to lose 100 lbs! Having a smaller goal is definitely easier to look at than the bigger one. You can so do it! I can't wait to see what kind of wedding dress you get! I know it will be fierce!

  2. Wow! Look at you! I am so jealous that you are going to Jamaica, I dream of going their one day. I wish you all the best in your challenges. Your Jamaica one sounds good, maybe I can do something like that with my friends...

  3. Hi! I have heard that putting money on the diet, that could be lost, drastically improves the success. Good luck, you can do it.

    :-) Marion