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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's talk about Sh$t!

No seriously let's talk about shit. Since I have been on my healthy quest this year I have definitely noticed a change in my shit. The consistency, the frequency all that good stuff. I used to be one of those people who could never take a dump in public places not even at work in our private bathrooms. I just couldn't do it. I was a 2 shit a day person, when I wake up and in the evening. I could be at work and around 2p think, "Hmmm I need to take a shit, I'll just wait until I get home." That time would be around 6p. I would wait 4 hours to get home and take a dump in the comfort of my own home. Not anymore...I usually have to do the doo about 3 times a day sometimes 4. So I have to go while I'm at work and b/c I usually go straight to the gym from work, I make sure I do the doo before I leave. It definitely makes a world of difference.
So here comes the tmi lol...I have noticed that when I clean up after myself after the deed is done, there is hardly anything on the toilet tissue, I mean literally sometimes there is nothing on there. Now when I wasn't eating healthy...I won't even describe the clean up. O_o There also isn't much of a smell. I think one of the reasons I didn't like taking a shit in public places was b/c I was afraid of people coming behind me and smelling the damage I just caused. Now, no smell or at least its so faint the bathroom deodorizer can eat up the smell. As far as what it looks like, if I have been eating a lot of salad it's usually green. It looks soft and comes out pretty easily. The funny thing is that sometimes I can sit on the toilet and it feels like hardly anything came out and then I look in the toilet and, 'Dayum!!!! When did all that come out???' Then there are times when I feel like something should have come out, but nothing really did. Overall I think my bowel movements have gotten a lot healthier.

Have you guys noticed a change in your bowel movements?

As for the regular shit...I have been counting my calories and getting my water in (160 oz) and I have been to the gym twice this week. I still need to do better getting my water in before it gets too late, so I'm not in the bathroom all night. I think I tweeked my back doing something so I may have to slow down tonight. All in all a pretty decent week.



  1. OMG, real talk, what! HA!

    The only thing I have noticed is if I don't consume enough water, my high protein meals get locked up inside me.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! lol

  2. LOL you are too much!! But I too experienced once I am done, there is nothing or little to none on the tissue. I think that and the odorless BM has to do with the increase of water intake and of course a healthier diet. All signs of a happier and healthier colon. :-)

  3. I know my boo flaws pretty regular when I am on the grind with my water and healthy food. :-)

  4. I'm so happy I just found your blog. And this is my firt post. And I am in love! Yes, my poop is drastically different when I'm on coarse with healthy eats & lots of water. Dr. Oz would wanna take a picture and send it to Oprah to use on her show. That's how good they are. Thanks for the laugh!