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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday!

And I'm not talking about basketball. I'm talking about weight loss March Madness style. Yesterday was my first official day of doing Allan's "Eat at your goal weight" challenge. Can I say I killed it. Granted it was only my first day, but I did good. I.counted.calories! If you didn't hear me I.Counted.Calories! This is a big deal for me b/c I have never counted calories. I always felt that I if I made better choices and worked out the weight will melt off. Now don't get me wrong, with that mindset I have lost weight but I haven't been able to keep it off. I mean how can I when I have never really looked at the calories I have taken in. Yea I may not be eating the burger from Five Guys, but are my homemade cheesy enchiladas that much better calorie wise? Hell I don't know, b/c I never figured the calories. Serving size and not knowing the calories I think have been my downfall. I never joined weight watchers b/c I didn't want to count points and I never figured the calories I should eat to lose weight. So here I am at 300+ lbs counting calories for the first time.  I won't lie one of the reasons I never figured out calories b/c I figured it would be so hard to figure out calories in prepared meals, but insert Sparkpeople.  You can go on their site put in the ingredients and the number of servings and bam you have the calories! So this weekend I will be looking up calories for the regular things like veggies and fruits b/c unfortunately I don't know them. Oh well we all have to start somewhere.

I got all my 160 oz of water in which isn't that bad when you have a 32 oz bottle and can refill it at work easily. So I have to drink 5 bottles. I was able to get 3 in by 1p and then I was drinking the last 2 up until 10p. So needless to say I was in the bathroom 3 times last night. My goal is to finish water by 9p.  I think I went to the bathroom about 8-10 times total. Definitely an increase. I used to try to drink 3 bottles a day prior to the challenge and I think I went about 5 times a day. Already done with 2 bottles!

I don't know if you all go to Yum Yucky's blog, but she is hilarious. Anywho her theme for March is Beast Mode! I figured hell, I need to go Beast Mode too! Yesterday I did my two workouts one with Kim my trainer at the studio and then I went to the gym to do cardio. Now I almost didn't do the cardio session b/c I sat in the gym parking lot for 50 minutes talking to my sister. When we got off the phone, I looked at the time and I was like, "Girl just go home, at least you did upper body today." Then I thought about Yum Yucky's theme, Beast Mode, and I got my ass out of the car. I did intervals on the elliptical and on the treadmill and went home. Beast Mode baby!

Weekend goals:

1. Count all calories and avoid the binge
2. No more than 2 shots of Vodka when dancing tomorrow night with my girls (calories to be counted)
3. Do my hair
4. Clean up some

What about you all? Do you count calories? What are your weekend plans

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