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Friday, March 16, 2012

The ITT strikes again..

Yes, I am referring to the dreaded Inner Thigh Trap!

I have a hellafied inner thigh trap along with my thunder thighs. I have always had both, but it's so funny b/c with working out I have noticed my thighs getting smaller and my ITT getting bigger or appears bigger anyways. Unless I am wearing leggings or jegging or something with a lot of give, my pants can't get pulled up all the way to my lady part. There is always space between my cooch and the crotch of my pants, even in my scrubs. When I sit down and don't adjust my pants it looks like a bad camel toe. Don't you love the visual...Anywho so of course I love giving out random TMI. So how does the ITT work for and against you?? Well a time or two or three or four (you get the drift) I have had a make out session where some heavy petting was involved and when he got to the goods, the ITT intervened. Poor fellas, they really thought they were touching on the good stuff but it was really the camel toe thighs. And of course me being the one who doesn't like to make things awkward, I let them think that, while I'm thinking 'I hope he doesn't realize that he is aggressively rubbing my thighs...' O_o...Maybe it's divine intervention to keep me a good girl, b/c I tell you there is nothing that turns you off more than knowing your soft ITT in jeans also feels like a vajajay. Does anybody else have the ITT???

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

I am tired as shit, I have been working a lot and working out. I don't know if I'm not eating enough carbs or protein, but by mid afternoon I am seriously dragging. That energy they say you get from working out...I'm beginning to think it is a lie. Maybe I need to get rid of more fat, but energy is missing me right now. As far as the meal plan has been going I have been doing great with water, but I think I have succumbed a little too much to my sweets craving. I have had something sweet everyday, which is not good. I'll have good meals and then get a brownie or have half a cookie. I know better and will do better. Other than that, I think I have been doing pretty well.

What do you all have planned for the weekend? Are you going to succumb to the green beer, making out with random people and then passing out in vomit b/c it's St. Patrick's Day?? Me neither...I just can't believe that this holiday has been sensationalized as pretty much a drunk holiday. Maybe if I was younger I would partake, but at the tender age of 31, I'm over it. I work Saturday and Sunday, no surprise, and then I plan to clean and do some grocery shopping. Maybe get some ITT action...



  1. WOW lol this is definitely not a TMI post, its the truth! Maybe its a part of big girl syndrome! who cares the men cant tell a difference lol

    1. So glad to know that someone knows where I am coming from!

  2. Girl you are too funny!! I love reading your TMI stories!!! (LOL)

  3. that story is too funny I dont know what I would of done I wouldn't of wanted to make it awkard lol

  4. Bwhahahahhaahahahah...girl stop! I dying over here. I can relate though.