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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Day!

What's up peeps! I've missed you! I have been working like a mad woman lately! I have worked 2 weeks straight without a day off and don't get one until the 24th. No pity party for me though, I have a million trips to go on and I have to pay for them somehow. Anywho let's wrap up last week. I was only able to make it to the gym 3 times vs. my 5x/week goal, but I did lose 3 lbs. In real life it's a good thing, but in challenger life, not the best, especially when people are losing up to 12 lbs a week. Much props to them, but I will catch up! I can honestly say that my water intake definitely got less as the week progressed and I got busier at work. Working in a hospital, no food or drinks in patient care areas. My office happens to be a patient care area and I usually hide the bottle and drink between patients, but last week I did a lot of bedside care so no bringing water bottles in patients rooms. But why would I want to anyways, that's kind of grotty. As far as the weekend, I stayed on it with the exception to my visit to Chuy's Mexican restaurant where even with limited chips and a vegetarian meal, sodium intake got the best of me.

How has this week been different so far?? Definitely been good with the water intake, but I need to work on how late I eat dinner. I can't do the 7p cut off time b/c sometimes I'm still at work or at the gym. So meals have been around 9:30-10. Granted with eating healthier, I don't feel stuffed and am often hungry about an hour later, sometimes sooner. Hell sometimes my stomach is growling while I'm eating as to say,  "Really, this is what's for dinner??" I've been to the gym once, but I plan on getting my 5 days in.

How are you guys doing? It's the middle of the week. Are you still plugging away? I am hoping to put up some big numbers this week. Are you?

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