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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I went H.A.M this weekend with my workouts! In case you don't know H.A.M means, it means hard as a mothaf*****!!! On Saturday I went to X3 and then went to my Zumba class and then today I went to the gym did a 20minute interval on the stairmill, 30 minutes of weights and ended with a 15 minute mile on the treadmill. Oh but it doesn't end there...went to X3 after that!! Now don't get me wrong 10 minutes into the class, I was wondering what the hell I was doing but I pushed through! So yes I went H.A.M.!

Congrats goes out to the Dallas Mavericks, because they went H.A.M in the NBA Finals! I won't lie, I'm not a big NBA follower, but I did watch the series and I'm very proud that my old city brought home a championship.

Anywho I'm going to list some goals for myself this week:
1. Post current pics of where I am now
2. Take my measurements
3. Make a weight loss chart for the blog
4. Workout 2x/day at least 3 days this week
5. Add more pics to my blog
6. Make goals

Stay tuned b/c tomorrow I meat with a trainer at X3 and I might be making a big decision.

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  1. Way to go! looks like you are getting it in! Keep it up.