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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a numbers game

I so meant to post yesterday with my weight, but I just got tied up. So first things first here's my Monday weigh in:

I'm claiming this again, I will never be over 300 lbs again!!!

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer, Kimberly and I signed up for 2x/week for 6 months. We did a session yesterday before we talked about prices and it was pretty good. The sessions are only 30 minutes, but she says she can do a lot in 30 and she proved it to me. The PT sessions are not cheap at X3 but I already knew that. I also knew I would most likely sign up, so I shift some money around before our session. Well it's more like I decided to defer my student loans for 6 months. I figure my 50k+ in student loans aren't disappearing anytime soon, so what is 6 months of deferment vs. investing in bettering my life. I'm happy with my choice. On top of that I will be working wih a nutritionist (included in the package) to help me with food intake. I meet with Caroline the nutritionist next Wednesday, in the meantime I have to keep a food journal. I totally suck ass at keeping up with those, but since I'm making a significant investment in bettering my life, I'm going to have to get with the program.

Today was my annual woman's check up and as much as I hate those, it was also with a new doctor. I got great recommendations about her, but it still doesn't ease the fact that cold slimy forceps are going up your cooch as well as fingers. Gross! Anywho, they took my blood pressure and I was so happy with the number! It dropped a lot! In October I was 166/86, not a good number at all and today I was at 110/80. Talk about happy dancing!!! I refuse to take meds at 31 for something I can help.

I have officially worked out 8 days in a row and plan on going tomorrow. H.A.M!!!

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